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Boards Software

Digital Transformation
of Traditional SQDC Boards

Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost boards, or SQDC boards, are
commonly used as a tracking tool on the plant floor to drive improvement
in these key areas of concern.

Unfortunately, most of today’s SQDC Boards are paper based, making
it difficult for those that aren’t near the board to know results.
With SQUEAKS, managers and team members can collaborate around SQDC
concerns whether in proximity or remote. And SQUEAKS
maintains a digital trail of the corrective actions taken around
concerning SQDC events.

SQUEAKS software transforms the way traditional SQDC boards
are being utilized. Users can create custom boards that can be seen anywhere
with your mobile device or laptop. Managers and
team members can interact with these boards anywhere, allowing
workers to be more connected.

With SQUEAKS Boards, users can share personalized and targeted
information to specified groups. Along with sharing Safety, Quality, Delivery,
and Cost targets and results, SQUEAKS Boards allows users to
display files, videos, photos, charts, and metrics to further explain
the results and provide greater insight into the situation. This provides
a more efficient communication of results that is accessible to
all team members, anywhere and anytime.

SQUEAKS improves employee productivity by bettering communication,
which increases efficiency and reduces wasted time in your plant.

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