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Mobile Andon

Digitally Transform Your ANDON Stations

Traditional Andon stations communicate calls for assistance (to request a supervisor, parts, maintenance, product-quality check  or safety concern). 

Unfortunately, today’s Andon systems (stack lights, push buttons) are open-loop and convey limited amounts of information.  Responders need to be in proximity of the stack light to see the request. These systems can be noisy and distracting.

SQUEAKS Mobile Andon™ software transforms the way traditional Andon systems are being utilized – allowing workers to be more mobile and connected.  SQUEAKS extends visibility and shortens response times with a more quiet, more direct, and more personalized communication platform.


With SQUEAKS Mobile Andon, users can share personalized and targeted information to specified groups. This multi-media mobile platform allows users
to also share files, videos, photos, charts, and metrics that allow for rich and efficient communication. 

SQUEAKS improves employee productivity by enabling better communication, which reduces downtime in your plant, increasing efficiency as a result.

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