Learn More About IoT Software

Do you want to invest in IoT software that will help
you produce your best work in a timely manner? Try our newest manufacturing software, SQUEAKS. With the growth of data brought on by IoT, SQUEAKS cuts through the noise
and clutter, improving communication. Is there a problem?
Ask for and receive photos direct from your employees to enhance the conversation. Get updates directly from machines and people on standardized workflows to know when there are bottlenecks or production is falling behind schedule.

SQUEAKS can escalate the issue to a higher level of management, helping create a sense of urgency and moving production concerns forward as soon as possible for quicker response times and resolution.  All along the way,
comments and a history of the actions taken are kept in
order, so you know what’s happening and when. Visit
our helpful website online at to see our software in action. With the implementation of this software,
you can see a huge turnaround in the way you communicate
and collaborate with team members in your plant.