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Visual Management

Aggregate all your ManufacturingInformation in One Platform

Visual Management Boards - OneSource

Visual Management Boards - OneSource

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SQUEAKS transforms Visual Management Boards from paper to digital,
eliminating the labor-intensive processes of keeping your production boards current.


SQUEAKS Boards are paperless, interactive, updated with live information, and visible anywhere – across all your devices.

SQUEAKS can help you get better organized and more clearly focused on what matters most. SQUEAKS makes it easy to organize information from all your data sources (PowerBI, Excel, web pages, PDF, video files, video streams, etc.) in one platform – saving you time and money.


In addition to eliminating paper and manual processes, the SQUEAKS
file-synchronization technology facilitates in-line editing and ensures everyone is working with the most up to date information, regardless of
where the edits are made.

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