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Keep Everyone On The Same Page With
Powerful Production Displays

Never again worry about missing important updates or failing
to recognize when issues are occuring in your plant.
an advanced communication platform designed to make it easier for you
and your employees to interact with one another.
turns low-cost TVs into powerful production displays that can be
hung in the office or on the plant floor. Information to these displays
can be uploaded and updated in real time, so you’re always
kept up-to-date on the latest information.

You can communicate with team members in real-time and
send photos of downtime concerns associated with any piece of machinery.
SQUEAKS keeps you in touch and in the know. 


Communication should be effortless. Let us show you how our
innovative software can help you succeed. Contact us today at INFO@IGEAR.COM to learn more about

We would be happy to provide you details on how you can implement this software and the many ways it can help you quickly save money.

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