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IGear Vision

To create software tools that empower the most productive workers and
teams in manufacturing.

IGear Mission

To enhance our customers’ ability to achieve their goals through the appropriate application of information technology.  Our success is achieved only through the success of our customers.

IGear Values

We have the customer as the focal point of all our activities.

We consistently provide high quality, responsive services and
products to our customers – meaning that we mutually define their expectations, measure ourselves against them and strive to exceed them.

We provide value-add services and products so the revenue
we earn is considered reasonable by our customers, based on the
benefits they receive.

We exceed our customer’s expectations by looking beyond the
scope of our engagements and applying our individual and collective experience to improve their business.

We attract and retain professionals of the highest competence,
integrity and intensity who must seek to improve themselves and those
around them, who must communicate honestly and openly, and who must consider the broad interest of the customers, co-workers and the
Company in all of their actions.

We instill a proactive behavior in a team environment, recognizing
that success comes to those who act rather than react and to those who see the total as greater than the sum of its parts.

We provide our people with an enriching work environment and support
them in their personal and professional development.

We have an obligation to continuously practice safety.

We value our vendors and business partners as integral team members
in providing customer solutions.

We actively support the communities in which we do business.

We have an obligation to consistently improve our financial performance, which is essential to our Company.

Finally, each employee has the responsibility to protect and
promote these values.

Values Pyramid Garphic

You'll Find Us Here.

IGear, LLC

8016 Vine Crest Ave.
Louisville, KY 40222

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