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Keep Your Users As Smart As Your Tools.

Support, Training & Implementation



At IGear, we’re passionate about ensuring your success. As an essential element of our software-product license and maintenance agreement, we’re on call, around the clock if necessary, with prompt access to our talented team of software-support engineers. 

Standard support is offered from 8AM to 5PM EST weekdays, excluding holidays. Premier support (24x7x365) is available and quoted on request. 

For more information, visit the Support Center.



We’re enthusiastic about sharing what we know with our system users. Our Technical Training Facility provides practical, hands-on guidance and education during Two-Day Training Sessions scheduled multiple times per year and are provided at no additional cost to any licensed user of our software. Enrollment is contingent on each session’s space availability, so be sure to book early. 

IGear’s training protocol encompasses detailed classroom instruction and best-practices training along with hands-on lab exercises – and all participants receive printed instructional manuals. We also conduct customized onsite training at your facility, quoted upon request. 

For more information, visit the Support Center.




We leverage our software products and platforms to implement high-value Connected Manufacturing solutions that will accommodate your existing technologies and personnel.  Our core competence is a deep understanding and knowledge of shop-floor control systems and how best to integrate them with existing business applications in order to deliver meaningful results. 

Our Software Implementation Team possesses a diverse set of talents. They are highly knowledgeable, extremely experienced, and use well-established project methodologies to ensure your success. We’ve worked tirelessly to earn and maintain our solid reputation by looking beyond the scope of our engagements and applying our collective expertise to ensuring your success. Whether your needs involve improvements to a work center, a complete assembly line, or your entire facility, we have the software capability, the resource capacity, and the implementation expertise to assist you at every turn. 

For more information, contact us at

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