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SQUEAKS PI (Production Intelligence) is an off-the-shelf data source for the SQUEAKS platform and provides for the easy integration of valuable manufacturing information into the SQUEAKS platform.

With a single part-count input combined with contextual information about that input, SQUEAKS PI provides a comprehensive set of KPI metrics, dashboards, datasets, triggers for real-time escalating alerts, and interactive plugins to SQUEAKS One-Source for improved collaboration on the plant floor leading to increased productivity. Preconfigured historical reports are also provided.



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SQUEAKS messages can be generated by automated machine events or by people using the SQUEAKS app or other technologies such as HMIs or physical push buttons.

Teams, tags, and @mentions ensure that each message is directed to the designated target in real-time.

Workflows and Escalation Rules can be configured for any message type and ensure that alerts progress through defined states and are escalated to additional teams or people when delays occur.

With SQUEAKS PI, the following messages will come preconfigured with the implementation process and available for use on any workcell configured within the PI system:

Metrics, Datasets & Dashboards


SQUEAKS Metrics can be generated by automated machine data or manually through the SQUEAKS web browser application. Any technology or system can publish Metrics to SQUEAKS using IGear’s Connect software or through the SQUEAKS web API.

DataSets are published to SQUEAKS using a direct connection to a SQL or Oracle database table in a data grid or chart form. Any database table can be published to SQUEAKS as a DataSet.

Dashboards are configured in SQUEAKS using the web browser application. Any user can create their own dashboards using available Metrics and DataSets that have been published to SQUEAKS. Dashboards can be viewed via web browser, SQUEAKS mobile app (iOS and Android), within SQUEAKS TV channels, and within the SQUEAKS One-Source platform.

With SQUEAKS PI, the following Metrics and DataSets will come preconfigured with the implementation process and available for use within any dashboard for any workcell configured within the SQUEAKS PI system:


SQUEAKS PI plug-ins are web objects created within the PI platform that are published to SQUEAKS for viewing and interactivity with the SQUEAKS One-Source platform. Plug-ins can also be viewed standalone within any modern web browser. The following plug-ins are included with the SQUEAKS PI implementation for any workcell configured within the system.

Hourly Production Report

The hourly production report provides an hour-by-hour snapshot of the production of the current and past shifts. This information is updated automatically as parts are produced. The plugin provides a mechanism to specify the columns to include as part of the publishing configuration.

Production Control

The Production Control plugin allows a secure user to apply contextual information about the simple automated workcenter data that is collected. This contextual information includes Product Changeovers, Shift Deviations and Labor Deviations.  Each of these can be turned on or off when publishing the module and have additional configuration settings at the workcenter level to impact what can be adjusted via this interface.

Downtime Root Cause Assign

As downtime is accumulated by each WorkCenter, the Downtime Root Cause Assign plugin allows for the classification of each downtime event. Downtime events are created either explicitly (by faults from the machine control system) or implicitly (once a part has not been made after a configurable percentage threshold over ideal cycle time. The user simply clicks on the pencil for a given row, selects the pre-configured Root Cause and then optionally enters a comment. Once the classification is complete, the downtime event will disappear from the Downtime Root Cause Assignment plugin.

Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost

These individual plug-ins have both a summary and detail component. The summary simply shows the current month icon with each day color coded based on the events that happened on a given day. The color coding, classifications and priority of the various events are configurable as well as the icons that are used.


The detail section shows a tab for each of the last 12 months. Clicking on the various tabs will show the monthly overview icon and all the events for the given month. Clicking on an event will show the details of the event and media that was uploaded with the event. The plugin allows for the secure adding, editing, and deleting of new events.

Production, Cycle Time, OEE, Downtime, SQUEAKS Messages Historical Reports

These historical reporting plug-ins are chart views with interactive criteria allowing each user to customize their date range and data rollup. The reports have drill-down capabilities and detail data reports to varying degrees.

Data Mining

SQUEAKS PI supports full data mining of all performance data, allowing 3rd party apps such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI to retrieve contextualized data on-demand for enhanced business intelligence and custom reports. Full documentation of all data mining functions is provided.

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