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IGear Platforms

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The IGear Platforms Embody Twenty (20) Plus Years of Experience in delivering reliable software solutions for marquee manufacturers throughout the world.  We have a unique skillset that encompasses machine communication protocols and data collection, manufacturing process control, manufacturing data context, software development, and Microsoft cloud services.

Our company name, inspired by a physical gear that transfers motion from
one device to another, represents the ability to move data and information, between dissimilar technologies in a manufacturing enterprise to better automate and digitize the process, resulting in substantial productivity, quality, and profitability gains.














The CONNECT Platform leverages our unique understanding of (and intellectual property around) real-time machine control systems, the flow of products and data through a manufacturing process, and how raw data is contextualized to provide accurate, up-to-date insights of what’s happening on the factory floor.

The SQUEAKS Platform leverages our commitment to the team members and the information they need to be successful.  Given today’s workforce challenges, team members are being asked to cover more ground and get more done with less.

SQUEAKS empowers the team members (both frontline and office workers) to communicate and collaborate in a more modern and efficient manner, leveraging everyday technologies and proven production principles.

With IGear, you get both a Data Service Platform (CONNECT) and a Productivity Platform (SQUEAKS) that are seamlessly integrated to help your plant and employees run at peak performance.

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