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Data Service Platform

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Connectivity &
Data Movement

CONNECT is a comprehensive connectivity and data movement platform. It enables global manufacturers and industrial equipment OEMs to quickly and reliably build, implement, and support Connected Manufacturing business applications by integrating real-time information among a diverse set of technologies, including plant floor machines, tools, robots, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, scanners, and a myriad of other manufacturing device technologies along with the software systems used for manufacturing execution (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Unmatched “Brownfield” and
“Greenfield” Connectivity


Because industrial automation has been around for so long, there are literally millions of legacy “brownfield” devices, software systems, and technologies operating on control networks with disparate communication protocols in plants all over the world. Having the luxury to only support modern “greenfield” devices, software systems, and technologies is not the reality for global manufacturers.  CONNECT includes:


  • Data Link
    Included with CONNECT is an extensive set of linkages to a wide range of both native and open standard protocols.  Visit the Support Center for a complete list of CONNECT Data Links.

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Industrial Strength, Reliability & Resilence

In industrial settings, system reliability and resilience are absolutely non-negotiable. When a networked home thermostat stops working for a while, it is simply inconvenient. If an interlocked manufacturing process fails, production stops as expensive equipment and costly labor resources sit idle. 


CONNECT provides:

  • Data Integrity

    CONNECT’s advanced data queuing algorithms guarantee information is valid at the instant in time a triggering event occurs. Its architecture buffers data in queues to ensure references receive the correct snapshot value as defined by the time validity of the trigger event.

  • Detailed Logs & Statistics
    The information you need to troubleshoot connection or faulty-device issues is readily accessible through CONNECT’s event logs and command statistics. CONNECT tracks all successes and failures and automatically calculates statistics for execution times and device-throughput capabilities.

  • Fault Tolerances
    The reality is, systems go down.  Whether you encounter a network issue, a server failure, or any other potential disruption, CONNECT automatically saves failed commands and resubmits them on user- defined intervals to ensure that system failures do not result in critical data loss.

Agile manufacturing demands flexible, up-to-the-second processes to accommodate highly customized products with build-to-order production schedules, as well as to swiftly respond to ever-changing business conditions.


CONNECT offers:


  • Configuration Assistant
    CONNECT is equipped with step-by-step dialog screens that guide you through even the most complex connections in a fraction of the time it takes to write custom code or configure monolithic software tools.  All connections are easily managed through an intuitive point-and-click user interface.

  • Advanced Triggering
    Even the most complicated data-exchange rules are simplified
    with CONNECT's
    flexible triggering system. Both time- and
    event-based triggers are supported.  Custom triggering allows Boolean combinations of time and event triggers, as well as other custom criteria.


  • Flexible Deployment
    CONNECT is ideally suited for centralized or distributed On-Premise server and Embedded deployment models.

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Simple to Configure.
Quick to Adapt.


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