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squeaks Monster

In the high-stakes world of manufacturing, even the most efficiently run operations need a little help from time to time. Because staying ahead of interruptive events that impede progress is critical not only to your production line, but it’s also key to your bottom line. And that’s where this guy comes in.


Meet SQUEAKS. The bright little sprite from IGear who takes his name from what he does. Anytime your line experiences an issue, a problem, or a need, anywhere in your production process, SQUEAKS speaks up! He’s on call 24/7 to keep an eye out for potential issues, and when he finds them, he immediately finds you and your team members wherever you are! You no longer need to remain in earshot or eyeline of your ANDON system because SQUEAKS is Smart. And always close at hand. He’s your Digital Assistant, your high-tech virtual Efficiency Expert who goes where you go, on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. So, he’s never further away than your own hip pocket. 


And SQUEAKS is popular, too! He’s already on the job at some of the world’s leading manufacturers – helping to make their operations more efficient and, as a result, more productive. 


SQUEAKS, It’s his job to make your job easier. Get to know him.
Put him to work for you. Because SQUEAKS knows that when it comes to ensuring profitability and securing success, productivity is everything.

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