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 In Manufacturing, every second matters –
especially on the shop floor. 

Input from every employee makes a difference.
The faster problems are solved – the better. 

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 Introducing a new era of
Floor Management Boards. 

 Built on the fundamental principles of visual management,
employee engagement, and team problem-solving – SQUEAKS brings Floor Management Boards into the digital 21st Century.


Real-Time Information

SQUEAKS helps you and everyone around you solve problems faster by providing greater visibility, driving action, and leveraging real-time information. 

 SQUEAKS.  Solve Problems Faster. 

 With SQUEAKS, every employee is focused on the same goals and on the same page – quickly responding to performance gaps, concerning events, and process abnormalities. 



SQUEAKS provides total Visibility around a concerning event
or process abnormality – getting the right information to the right
people, wherever they are.


SQUEAKS drives Action – providing guidance and spawning
teamwork while clarifying ownership and driving accountability until
the problem is solved.


SQUEAKS works in the now – leveraging Real-time Information
for faster and better decisions



Manufacturing Problems are Consequential


With downtime measured in thousands of dollars per minute, and concerns of product quality and employee safety even more significant, every second matters – especially on the shop floor. 



Employees are Spread Thin 

Hampered by a shortage of skilled workers, lean manufacturers are asking employees to cover more ground and support more systems – essentially deal with more problems throughout the day. 



Information Overload 

With the vast amount of data brought on by smart machines and intelligent sensors, it is easy to be overwhelmed and under informed. 




Solving problems faster leads to...

Zero Product Defects

No Line Stoppages

No Scrap

Less Employee Turnover

No Missed Deliveries

Zero Downtime

No Bottlenecks

No Employee Accidents

Lower Labor Costs

No Waste

In Manufacturing, Every Second Matters

Serving the Best

Already embraced by some of the
best companies in the world …

… SQUEAKS combines lean production principles with modern communication technologies to solve high impact manufacturing problems.

Track and enforce strict adherence to workflow procedures,
and immediately let the right people know when quality control limits are exceeded. Escalate non-conformance or regulatory compliance
concerns to the plant manager.  


Implement 100% product traceability and tighter process control
to prevent bad product from advancing down the production line.  


Distribute troubleshooting and instruction documents along
with downtime fault communication reducing the action start time from
one (1) hour to one (1) minute.


Provide rapid feedback of product identification with the customer
when a defective product issue occurs and establish the smallest range
of a recall campaign.


Communicate performance measures throughout the plant via
smart LED displays to drive awareness and a culture for
continuous improvement.  


Reduce injuries and OSHA-related incidents by safety managers
immediately sharing photos/videos of violations to team members.


Utilize the Industry 4.0 communication platform to seamlessly integrate with
internally developed real-time process and performance mobile apps.

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