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MES Solutions


IGear Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Solutions are built to help you realize the value of your existing investments and accelerate digital transformation with solutions that advance product quality, traceability, and operator efficiency.  IGear equips every aspect of your production line with state-of-the-art efficiency and end-to-end excellence.  

Our MES Solutions perform a range of critical production tasks – from detecting assembly line issues and flagging quality control errors, to providing real-time data reporting and seamless integration with your independent software and hardware systems.

IGear MES Solutions deliver better outcomes in the areas of:

ASSIST ensures no defects are going to leave the building while maintaining 100% traceability to satisfy customer and governmental requirements.  ASSIST is a user-configurable solution that error-proofs processes while verifying operator instructions are executed properly.  ASSIST integrates with ERP systems for build-to-sequence production demands and work-in-progress inventory updates.

SQUEAKS PI delivers real-time insight, with context, on key performance metrics such as OEE, downtime, cycle time, and quality to cite a few.  SQDC boards can be quickly created and updated manually or automatically. SQUEAKS PI provides a rich set of interactive plugins for the SQUEAKS platform.

  • Employee Productivity

  • Traceability & Genealogy 

  • Product Quality 

  • Worker Safety

  • Asset Utilization

  • Production Scheduling

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Reduced Costs

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