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ASSIST™ ensures zero defects in manufacturing by detecting errors and preventing defective products from leaving the plant. It is a highly configurable and flexible process control and traceability platform that provides a proven method for controlling the quality and performance of production processes.  It enables manufacturers the ability to verify standardized operator or machine work instructions are consistently executed by recording a traceable genealogy of all work sequences, component parts, and cycle times, along with the operator actions and machine events involved within each value added work center in the overall manufacturing process. 

ASSIST™ also provides capabilities to error proof each work center process by interlocking part production to ensure potential quality defects are quickly identified and addressed at the point at which they occur.  This permission-to-run acknowledgement between ASSIST™ and each machine control system ensures that the correct part type is being run, the part being run has not skipped any prior operations, and the part being run was not previously rejected as a bad product.


Through integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, ASSIST™ automates the broadcast of production schedules, bill of material information, and part / recipe specifications to the factory floor while also providing real time inventory status information back to the ERP system.

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ASSIST™ is applicable to all discrete manufacturing processes, from fully automated lines to completely manual assembly processes; from individually serialized products to batch serialized products. To the right is a simple demonstration of how ASSIST™ is used to control a manual assembly process of an individually serialized product with digital work instructions via the ASSIST™ OIT (operator interface terminal) web object.

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