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Ensures Consistent
Operator Performance

Today, manufacturers face a universal labor challenge which is compounded by growing product complexities and customer expectations for higher quality.  These workforce trends, specifically the widening skills gap threaten productivity,
growth, and competitiveness.

ASSIST™ is a comprehensive MES application that allows manufacturers to become more nimble by providing operators the step-by-step knowledge necessary to ensure each part is built to its design specifications, on time, the first time.  It guides the operator through a sequence of tasks / instructions, provides immediate feedback, validates components selected, interlocks workflow processes, and reports production to ERP systems for tighter inventory control.

Benefits include streamlines operator efficiency, labor savings, less rework activity, improved quality, and the reduction of warranty claims.  The following illustration and list of capabilities highlights some of the key aspects of the ASSIST™ software product.

Capabilities Overview

  • Download part, bill of materials, and schedule information from ERP systems

  • Dynamically drive work instructions across a diverse  and custom product mix

  • Divide a single set of work instructions among multiple operators.

  • Validate that operators are trained for a respective product or workstation

  • Enable role-based tasks and override capabilities

  • Display computerized work instructions, images, videos, and take time performance feedback to the operator via touchscreen

  • Receive barcode scans, machine events, and operator acknowledgement
    of key tasks

  • Ensure the correct components are used for each assembly, including the decrementing of component lot quantities to ensure accurate WIP inventory

  • Interlock processes to prevent mistakes via real-time communication with PLCs, torque controllers, and other devices

  • Print traveler and shipping labels, automatically

Operator Assistance Graphic
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Error Proofing

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ERP Integration

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Operator Assistance Graphic


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