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Successful manufacturers are driven to build high-quality products. Quality management and error proofing encompasses a broad range of concerns including: preventing defects from ever occurring, reducing product variation through tighter controls and improved communication, and ensuring proper components are used/labeled throughout the assembly process – all of which ensure each part is built to its design specifications, on-time, the first time.

With ASSIST™, the benefits of six-sigma quality include increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, supplier/regulatory compliance, labor savings and improved asset utilization through the reduction of rework, and cost savings through the avoidance of complaints and warranty claims. Total quality management applies to nearly all assembly or fabrication scenarios and usually involves the integration of information from a myriad of dissimilar shop floor technologies and business software applications. Regardless of the challenge, IGear’s proven ASSIST™ software product ensures a zero defect manufacturing process.

The following illustration and list of capabilities highlights some of the key aspects of the ASSIST™ software product.


  • Download bill of materials and specification information from virtually any business system

  • Import a sequence schedule in a variety of formats

  • Receive and validate operator login using various devices and methods

  • Isolate and manage quality issues and report non-compliance concerns

  • Interface to equipment controls for process interlocking purposes

  • Ensure correct materials and parts are used and assembled with precision and accuracy

  • Empower team members on the production line to monitor and validate quality

  • Contain defective parts and prevent them from shipping to the customer

  • Validate that parts exit the line and are shipped in sequence per the build schedule

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