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Assist Captures Traceable Genealogy
Throughout The Manufacturing Process

Correlating machine data with relevant plant floor information is a key requirement for documenting quality and establishing an audit trail that can identify and isolate potential quality concerns before and after a finished product is shipped to market. With ASSIST™, part tracking and traceability aggregates operator ID, part serial number, work order, component lots, automated test results, manual measurements, and other process variables with each machine cycle. This level of automated data collection and part tracking allows for a detailed genealogy and permanent record of each part that is shipped – validating and documenting quality across the entire product life cycle. 

With the addition of networked barcode label printers, wireless handheld scanners, and operator terminals, the ASSIST™ part tracking and traceability process can be fully paperless, reducing labor cost and increasing production levels. 

The following illustration and list of capabilities highlights some of the key aspects of the ASSIST™ software product.

Capabilities Overview

  • Provide product life cycle traceability and document quality


  • Satisfy customer and regulatory reporting requirements


  • Correlate machine cycles to external data such as operators,
    raw materials, component lots, part serial numbers, inspection data, etc.


  • Provide an interface for operators to create jobs and update the part record Capture operator activity and log reports


  • Internally drive the creation of serial numbers for lots and serialized part marking

  • Interface with business systems to automatically drive the serial number process

  • Drive barcode labels within external applications based on machine cycles
    and part types

  • Provide a comprehensive traceability database with indexing for long term storage

  • Provide an internal web-based reporting system with serial number lookup, 
    comprehensive genealogy records, integrated security, administration, etc.

traceability graphic
Traceability Graphic


Error Proof Graphic

Error Proofing

ERP Integration Graphic

ERP Integration

Lineside Labeling Graphic


Operator Assistance Graphic


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