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Manufacturing Intelligence

Enhances Manufacturing Intelligence and Productivity

Manufacturers are constantly challenged to increase productivity, improve quality and cut costs in order to successfully compete. Manufacturing/business intelligence and plant-wide visibility helps manufacturers overcome these pressures by ensuring critical information gets to the right people at the right time. With ASSIST™ data is captured directly from machines/equipment and operators and organized in a manner that drives peak performance. From plant floor Andon displays to smart phones, accurate information is shared in real-time – driving improvements in overall equipment effectiveness and productivity. 

ASSIST™ reports and visual dashboards capture process and production trends by asset or resource. Current views and historical data trends allow manufacturers to focus on the issues most critical to improving performance. And, notification features pinpoint the most concerning problems allowing plant personnel to take action immediately. Whether it is a quality concern or a downtime event, appropriate personnel receive timely feedback driven from real-time production data.

The following illustration and list of capabilities highlights some of the key aspects of the ASSIST™ software product.

  • Download bill of materials and specification information from virtually
    any business system

  • Import a sequence schedule in a variety of formats

  • Receive and validate operator login using various devices and methods

  • Isolate and manage quality issues and report non-compliance concerns

  • Interface to equipment controls for process interlocking purposes

  • Ensure correct materials and parts are used and assembled with precision
    and accuracy

  • Empower team members on the production line to monitor and validate quality

  • Contain defective parts and prevent them from shipping to the customer

  • Validate that parts exit the line and are shipped in sequence per the
    build schedule

Capabilities Overview
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Error Proofing

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ERP Integration

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