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Floor Management
Development System (FMDS)

Digital Transform Your FMDS Boards

When you think of FMDS today, you probably think of people huddled around a Board, at the line. The Board is most likely paper based and manually updated, once per shift. 

With SQUEAKS, the FMDS Board is interactive, digital, and automatically updated, in
real-time, improving visibility, and driving action. These benefits help you and your team solve problems more quickly. With SQUEAKS, it matters less where you’re physically located. 


Whether you’re conducting a quick huddle meeting at the line or an in-depth problem-solving session in your office, SQUEAKS consolidates everything in one platform, facilitating teamwork and collaboration virtually anywhere, anytime. 

A fundamental principle of FMDS is input from every employee makes a difference. With SQUEAKS, every employee is a “problem-solver” and engaged in problem solving activities and continuous improvement.

SQUEAKS is the ultimate FMDS Board for improving productivity.

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