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­Manufacturing “Call For ...” App

Achieve More Immediate Response Times

Manufacturing Call For App

Manufacturing Call For App

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In a typical manufacturing plant – several hundreds of times per day –
employees “call for” supervisor assistance; help from maintenance on a
machine-care concern, or; to request parts at the line to eliminate
gaps in production. Unfortunately, these “call for” actions are not
responded to in an efficient manner. 

On average, with independent tests conducted by world-class
SQUEAKS has been proven to cut response times from
3 minutes to 1 ½ minutes per event – drastically improving employee
productivity and bottom-line results.

Up until now, these “call for” actions have been made via traditional
devices like Andon call stations, stack lights, pull cords, radio paging devices,
or even by employees yelling and waving their hands.  These broadcast
approaches to communication are noisy, open loop, and limited
to proximity of the stack light or team member
requesting help.

SQUEAKS provides a more effective and modern way of
communicating in manufacturing.

To start, SQUEAKS complements your legacy systems by extending visibility
of stack lights to your desktop and mobile devices.  Should you want to accelerate
your digital transformation journey, the
SQUEAKS app leverages the
latest in modern and mobile communication technologies.  

With SQUEAKS, team members can “call for” assistance on their smart
watch or mobile device. The “call for” message is immediately directed to
the right person who can, in turn, promptly respond on their phone
or wearable device in a quieter and more targeted manner.  

SQUEAKS ensures a “call for action” is never ignored. The SQUEAKS
message comes with workflows that clarify ownership and provide employee
guidance. If the “call for” isn’t responded to in a timely manner, the message escalates up the chain of command, creating a greater sense of awareness and a
heightened sense of urgency.
SQUEAKS maintains a digital audit
trail of every action taken and generates workflow reports
that drive accountability.

With SQUEAKS, communication is closed loop and visible
on wearable and mobile devices, along with digital production/ANDON
displays to draw attention to concerning events in a quick, at-a-glance manner regarding the current status of all “call for” requests. So no “call for” assistance will slip through the cracks.  
SQUEAKS makes team member communication and collaboration easier and more efficient.

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