Aggregator of Information in Manufacturing – See Problems Sooner

SQUEAKS provides total visibility around what is
important and relevant to you – consolidating real-time information from all your data sources, in one place – personalized the way you want to see it.
SQUEAKS makes it easy to organize information that is
updated automatically from a wide range of data sources including Microsoft products like Excel and PowerBI,
video files, video streams, web pages, HMI screens, and dashboards to cite a few.  Visual Management
from SQUEAKS delivers real-time information on
digital FMDS touchscreen Boards as well as on low-cost,
high-impact TVs that can be hung at the production line – keeping everyone aware of current performance
relative to target, always.  With SQUEAKS, total visibility
is just half of the story. After a performance gap or process abnormality has been identified, SQUEAKS then asks the question “now what?”. 


SQUEAKS drives action – linking problem-solving
activities to the problem.  Corrective actions and countermeasures are mapped out, advancing
collaboration, while driving accountability until the
problem is solved.

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