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­Mobile App
for Stack Lights 

Extend Visibility Of
Stack Lights To Mobile Devices

Mobile App For Stack Lights

Mobile App For Stack Lights

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With today’s worker shortage and supply chain challenges, it’s important to eliminate waste in the pursuit of pinpointing the most efficient methods to produce the most productive workers.


Traditional “Call For” operator stations communicate requests for assistance – whether that’s a call for a supervisor, parts, or a support team member such as maintenance, quality control, or safety. Unfortunately, these traditional systems (stack lights, push buttons, pull cords) only convey limitedamounts of information and responders need to be in proximity of the stack light to see the call for assistance. Adding to that, these systems can be noisy and distracting.

SQUEAKS transforms the way traditional Andon systems are being utilized,
allowing workers to be more mobile and better connected wherever they are. SQUEAKS improves worker productivity by extendingvisibility and shortening response times within the context of a more quiet, direct, and personalized communication platform. 


With SQUEAKS, users can share personalized and targeted information
to specified groups – eliminating distractions and shortening response times to concerning events on the shop floor. The SQUEAKS mobile app allows you to communicate with teams anytime, anywhere – improving
worker productivity. 

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