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Mastering Inventory Management with the Right Software

In today's fast-paced business environment, integrating information throughout the manufacturing enterprise is crucial for maximizing control of production operations. The need for reliable data flow between various business applications and shop floor automation equipment has never been more important. Real-time synchronization of shop floor data with ERP systems holds the key to better decision-making and operational agility.

Enter ASSIST™ - an automated solution that enables manufacturers to optimize equipment utilization while accurately updating work-in-progress (WIP) inventory with what is physically produced on the shop floor. With its bi-directional data flow, ASSIST™ ensures that critical build information, production schedules, part/recipe programs, and work instructions are efficiently communicated to the shop floor, while timely updates on inventory usage, product genealogy, and order status are relayed to the business systems.

So, what makes ASSIST™ the right software for mastering inventory management? Let's dive into its key capabilities:

Automated Data Flow

ASSIST™ facilitates seamless communication between business applications and shop floor automation equipment. It ensures that vital build information is promptly broadcasted to the shop floor, while relevant inventory usage, product genealogy, and order status are accurately updated in the business systems.

Real-time Synchronization

The real-time synchronization of shop floor data with ERP systems is a game-changer. It empowers manufacturers with up-to-date insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. With ASSIST™, you can achieve better inventory control and operational agility.

Optimized Equipment Utilization

Maximizing productivity and efficiency on the shop floor becomes easier with ASSIST™. By gaining control over production operations, manufacturers can optimize equipment utilization, minimizing downtime and maximizing output.

Improved Inventory Control

Managing inventory is no longer a daunting task with ASSIST™. Its automated data flow ensures accurate updates to WIP inventory, reducing discrepancies and waste. Real-time tracking of inventory usage enables better control, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Enhanced Lot Tracking and Scrap Reporting

ASSIST™ takes lot tracking and scrap reporting to the next level. It provides manufacturers with detailed visibility into the production process, enabling prompt identification of issues and effective resolution. This results in enhanced quality control and customer satisfaction.

Automated Data Collection

Say goodbye to manual data recording errors! ASSIST™ automates data collection, freeing up valuable time and increasing accuracy. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, it streamlines operations and reduces the risk of human error.

Proper Labeling of Parts

Keeping track of parts throughout the manufacturing process is essential. ASSIST™ ensures that parts are properly labeled at every stage, maintaining traceability and preventing mix-ups. This ensures the right parts are used, enhancing product quality and reducing errors.

Mastering inventory management requires the right software, and ASSIST™ delivers on all fronts. Its capabilities empower manufacturers to seamlessly integrate information across the manufacturing enterprise, resulting in optimized operations, improved decision-making, and enhanced overall efficiency.

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