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How IGear Revolutionized Data Analytics in Manufacturing for BetterDecision-Making

Problem: Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges with Data Analytics

JTEKT Corporation's North America Automotive Steering Business Unit faces complex

challenges in fabricating power steering assemblies. With hundreds of machines across

multiple plants and various processes involved, it is crucial for automotive OE suppliers

to have robust quality control procedures in place to avoid costly recalls and customer

safety issues. JTEKT needed a comprehensive system to support process control,

eliminate the risk of faulty parts, and effectively record and maintain process data from

numerous machines. Additionally, compliance with a new traceability mandate was

required to ensure 100% traceability of sub-assemblies and final products, along with

maintaining a component genealogy.

Solution: Leveraging IGear for Intelligent Manufacturing

To meet these challenges, JTEKT implemented IGear SQUEAKS software, integrated

with ASSIST. This revolutionary technology enables real-time collaboration among

frontline workers and production managers, promoting effective human-to-machine

interaction. With features like mobility, wearables, and role-based workflow and

analytics, IGear delivers mission-critical information to the right personnel, ensuring

clarity, ownership, accountability, and responsiveness. SQUEAKS has become the

preferred communication protocol for major manufacturers worldwide, supporting better

decision-making, closed-loop collaboration, and significantly improved production time

and quality assurance.

Results: Enhanced Visibility and Decision-making Support

JTEKT has experienced drastic improvements in the visibility of production data,

enabling real-time evaluation of meeting production targets. With valuable insights and

decision-making support, problems can now be quickly resolved to avoid costly line

stops, ultimately mitigating disruptions and optimizing production efficiency.

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