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INSIGHT is a highly versatile, web-based data reporting and visualization platform.  It enables global manufacturers and industrial equipment OEMs to quickly and reliably build, implement, and support Connected Manufacturing business applications by providing a unified reporting framework to simultaneously view and easily discern information from multiple, disparate data sources. 



Visualize Industrial Machine and Process Data

Getting the most from real-time industrial data requires tools that are robust, versatile, and which can be tailored to provide views that are aligned with the unique operational shifts and manufacturing process flow of a specific facility.  ALWAYS ON® INSIGHT provides:

  • Dashboard Views
    INSIGHT provides a configurable, widget-based system that allows for image views, chart views, data grid views, event views, and gauge views of raw data and also derived data using complex rate calculations and formulas applied to raw data to monitor and analyze status, trends, and other process, quality and performance indicators.

  • Aggregation and Rollup
    INSIGHT enables the ability to create user-defined containers to group assets based upon facility structure and layout making it easy to organize and aggregate dashboard views by cell, line, area, or individual plant within a larger organization.








Anticipating a manufacturing process that is going out of control before it occurs, or responding to production quality and equipment performance concerns at the precise moment that measurements dip below acceptable thresholds, demands proper analysis, rapid alerting, and easy accessibility by the right people no matter where they may be currently located.  INSIGHT offers: 

  • Analysis and Reporting
    INSIGHT enables a wide range of possibilities for analyzing data.  Through the use of criteria filters, users can retrieve custom report views of select data for specific time periods, shifts, etc. to distill volumes of data into concise reports for viewing history and spotting trends.  Reports can be easily exported in MS Excel for further analysis.  

  • Alert Notifications
    Data and events/alarms that are being monitored by INSIGHT can be used to create real-time, formula-based notifications (includes setting and comparison of parameter limits) to be delivered in either text or email message formats.  Alert notifications, created by users and/or Site Administrators, are available for self-subscription by users so that they may stay informed of only those machine conditions important to them.

  • Mobile Device Access
    INSIGHT offers native application support for iOS and Android.  Mobile support enables access to a configurable set of dashboard views, alarm events, real-time text and email alert notifications.




Providing a single, powerful web-based platform for integrating data reporting and visualization across a diverse set of existing and new data sources and systems allows manufacturers to extend and leverage current automation investments.  INSIGHT features include:

  • Database Independent
    With INSIGHT, you can protect and leverage your existing investment in your data sources and database schemas by developing dashboard reports and charts to accurately and reliably present information to the entire organization.

  • Document Library
    INSIGHT offers a document library function to enable the secure storage and retrieval of device specific user and maintenance manuals, safety documents, historical machine parameter and program files, engineering drawings, custom documents, etc.  In addition to rich text documents, RSS and YouTube video content can be stored to enhance and facilitate the distribution of instructional materials.

  • API Integration
    INSIGHT offers a robust set of API services, built upon industry standards, Open Data Protocol (OData), to enable solution data to be integrated with a variety of existing applications such as CRM systems, ERP systems, reporting packages like MS Excel (via PowerPivot) and Tableau, customer maintenance solutions, permanent data stores, etc.



In our increasingly global economy, successful manufacturers have evolved from a one size fits all to a mass customized product point of view.  The software platforms they use as the foundation for their connected manufacturing processes must support this same way of thinking.  INSIGHT provides:

  • Private Label Co-Branding
    INSIGHT is designed to enable private label co-branding.  Configurable branding elements are used to personalize the brand experience such that the solution will be distinctly viewed as an extension of the company’s brand.  This co-branded experienced is available for access from all major web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer) as well as from all supported mobile devices.


  • Multi-Language Support
    INSIGHT provides support for language translation to twelve languages including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, and Czech.


  • Flexible Deployment 
    INSIGHT provides options to allow for Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premise deployment models. 

Some Capabilities of INSIGHT
Vary by Deployment Model

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