SQUEAKS is the #1 Aggregator of
Information in Manufacturing. 



See Problems Sooner


SQUEAKS provides total visibility – bringing critical issues to light. With SQUEAKS, process abnormalities and performance gaps are made clear and addressed immediately. 



SQUEAKS organizes your plant’s most important information, all in one place. Your data sources, updated in real-time, automatically, and personalized by you. 

SQUEAKS turns low cost, LED TVs into a powerful visual
communication system – improving decision-making
and results.

SQUEAKS TV gives you the ability to tune in to what matters most with displays that can be hung in the office and on the shop-floor; keeping everyone on the same page while driving teamwork and action.


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SQUEAKS aggregates information that is important to you – giving you the power to tune in to specific data sources, teams, channels, and topics such as safety, quality, and production. And you can tailor the information the way you want to see it, like “bad news first”. 

Personalized by You


From low-cost, powerful displays on the line to the smart watch on your wrist, SQUEAKS keeps you connected wherever you are – facilitating teamwork anywhere, anytime.  

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Android, iOS, Windows

See it Everywhere

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SQUEAKS gives you the
ability to broadcast high
impact announcements to specific Boards, based on who you want to reach. These announcements can include videos and multi-media content to enhance the communication.  



With SQUEAKS, communication is targeted to only the people that need to know – delivering the information you need to do your job, nothing more – eliminating distractions. SQUEAKS prevents small problems from becoming big problems.   

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Notifications & Alerts