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Faster & Better Real-Time Decisions

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After a concerning event, SQUEAKS answers the question “now what?”. SQUEAKS empowers team members to act with a greater sense of purpose
and urgency.

SQUEAKS directly ties problem-solving activities to the problem – engaging employees, clarifying ownership, and driving accountability.  

It has been said that leadership is not about gaining power, it is about empowering others. With SQUEAKS, every employee is a problem-solver. Input from every employee makes a difference. 

SQUEAKS Activities provide a place for team members to collaborate and dive deeper into the root cause of a problem – organizing corrective actions that make clear project tasks, ownership, due dates, and status. Activities also provide an excellent vehicle to praise employee performance and celebrate success with encouraging notes and comments. 

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Engage Employees


With SQUEAKS, problem-solving moves from reactive to proactive.Keeping everyone in the loop is imperative to make sure your plant runs as smoothly as possible. SQUEAKS makes communication clearer, more accurate, collaborative, and effective. And with SQUEAKS, machines are part of the conversation.   

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Machines Squeak



Ensure Nothing Slips Through



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Provide Step-by-Step Guidance

Know Where Work Stands 

SQUEAKS demands attention. User-defined Workflows provide a proactive outline of what should happen following a concerning event. The step-by-step guidance helps employees do their job – shortening the time it takes to resolve a problem. Escalation rules create a heightened sense of urgency while giving you the confidence that nothing important is going to slip through the cracks. If a concerning event is not dealt with properly, SQUEAKS elevates the concern up the appropriate chain of command. With SQUEAKS, problems cannot be ignored. 

Clarify Ownership and Drive Accountability 


Transparency is an integral part of SQUEAKS. SQUEAKS maintains a digital audit trail of every action taken; clarifying the status of notifications, activities, and employee calls for assistance until the problem is solved and everything is back to normal. SQUEAKS gets you to closure quicker by making everyone aware of where work stands from start to finish. And when you solve a problem with SQUEAKS – it is solved for good! 

Verify Every Action Taken

Keep Team Members in the Loop

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Know the Status of every Problem

Transparent Audit Trail

Know Where Work Stands