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Information Powered

Best-in-class manufacturers rely on IGear software to
drive mission-critical production applications – and optimize employee productivity.

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Closing the Gap

IGear closes the gap between ...

Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT) 

Office Workers and Frontline Workers

... to automate complex manufacturing processes and empower decision-makers.


CONNECT - Data Service Platform


CONNECT is a manufacturing data service platform that provides ETL/ELT capabilities among a diverse set of technologies to include factory floor devices, applications, and data structures to enable on-prem solutions and a “pipe” between the factory floor and the cloud. 

CONNECT leverages open standard and native protocols to enable both the control of a process in a mission critical capacity as well as the movement of data between systems in real-time or batch. CONNECT can run on-prem, hybrid (Edge), or in the cloud depending on application requirements and has become a standard platform among leading companies due to its proven track record for reliability, fault tolerance, and flexibility for more than 20 years.

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SQUEAKS - Productivity Platform


SQUEAKS is a visualization and action management platform for everything that happens on the factory floor. When critical events and negative data trends occur, SQUEAKS kicks-in with 1) targeted alerts that include workflows and escalation rules that cannot be ignored, 2) real-time metrics and dashboards broadcast across digital signage displays throughout the plant, and 3) interactive One-Source boards on the plant floor that enable collaboration to quickly solve problems and advance continuous improvement activities. 

With SQUEAKS running as an app in Microsoft Teams, everything that happens in SQUEAKS is now seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, converging OT and IT networks by extending Teams to the plant floor while improving collaboration and communication between office workers and frontline workers.  

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MES Solutions

ASSIST - Product Traceability & Process Interlocking


ASSIST is IGear’s solution for contextualizing real-time, serialized manufacturing data to include individual products, consumed components, cycle anomalies, associated process data, defect tracking, and operator information. The result is a digital, on-demand traceability and genealogy birth certificate for each product. 

ASSIST can interface with every control system and machine in the process to validate and control the flow of good products from machine-to-machine, while preventing non-conforming products from leaving the plant. When ASSIST is fully implemented, individually serialized products associated with operator mistakes and/or machine failures will not be cleared for shipment to the end customer.  ASSIST integrates with ERP systems to automate the broadcast of production schedules, bill-of-material information, and part/recipe specifications to the factory floor while also providing real-time inventory status information back to the ERP system.

SQUEAKS PI - Production Intelligence


SQUEAKS PI (Production Intelligence) is IGear’s solution for measuring manufacturing performance and contextualizing manufacturing data by work center, product type, production day, shift, machine fault, root cause, and more. With real-time machine connectivity, data is aggregated at various levels of granularity and is published to SQUEAKS in the form of metrics and datasets to be used in SQUEAKS dashboards in an off-the-shelf manner. 

Additionally, SQUEAKS PI provides configurable business rules to trigger squeaks messages based on machine data and events in real-time, providing an off-the-shelf data source for escalating alerts and workflows through the SQUEAKS platform. SQUEAKS PI needs only a single part count input to calculate accurate manufacturing performance to include cycle time, downtime, and OEE.

IGear Complements
The Tools You Already Use.

IGear gets the most out of the best-in-class technologies and tools you already have in-place.
We embrace open standards and native protocols to leverage your current technology investments and keep your costs low.

Microsoft Partnership

IGear complements Microsoft products to accelerate innovation, optimize operations, empower workers, and enhance customer satisfaction.



Microsoft 365


Open AI

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Teams + IGear

Running as an app within Teams, SQUEAKS provides real-time, plant floor visibility into what’s important now – escalating critical alerts from machines and drops in performance to ensure nothing important is going to slip through the cracks.


Azure + IGear

CONNECT provides an information pipeline between the technologies and systems on the shop floor to Azure – unlocking valuable data, with context, for cloud-based analytics tools and business applications to take advantage of.

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Open AI + IGear

Given today’s labor market, IGear software helps manufacturers leverage the latest in information technology tools such as AI to innovate and solve problems faster with less resources.

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Ignition + IGear

After a concerning event is made visible on the Ignition screen, SQUEAKS directs it to the right person in a targeted fashion with workflows that provide guidance and escalation rules that create a greater sense of urgency.

IGear recognizes the importance of timely information in the hands of the right people.
In manufacturing, any number of events can cause a machine to drop out of automatic or a key performance metric to fall short of the goal.

Highlighting where action is required is critical given the importance of uptime,
product quality, customer satisfaction and employee safety.

IGear improves production efficiency and increases profitability by ...

Driving action and
extending visibility of critical events and KPIs

Moving data between technologies for real-time process control

Contextualizing data and events for cloud applications
AI enablement

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