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Part of the conversation.



Now What?

Several hundred million people use Teams for real-time collaboration and communication.  SQUEAKS makes production events and gaps in performance part of the conversation.

If a machine drops out of automatic or a process needs attention, SQUEAKS generates an alert to those directly responsible for solving the problem via a Teams chat based on their role, work schedule, and other criteria to minimize distractions.  


If a key performance metric drops below the goal, SQUEAKS draws attention to the concerning situation by way of a message in a Teams channel, with the real-time production report included.

Beyond extending visibility into what’s happening now on the shop floor, SQUEAKS drives action!  After a concerning event, SQUEAKS answers the question, “Now What?”

SQUEAKS connects frontline employees with appropriate support personnel and provides step-by-step guidance via user-defined Workflows to shorten response times.


If the corrective action isn’t completed correctly or in a timely manner, Escalation Rules drive accountability and elevate the concern up the chain of command to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

And if you are running a Teams meeting, you can ask the SQUEAKS bot to get the report you need. SQUEAKS One-Source cuts through the clutter by consolidating all your information sources in one place – making you and everyone around you more productive.

Get more out of Teams with SQUEAKS!



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