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Visual Management Boards

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SQUEAKS 5.0 delivers to your frontline workers and team leaders even more
of the productivity-enhancing benefits that have made SQUEAKS a critical contributor to the world’s
most productive companies. And a more empowered workforce translates to
improved performance -- and greater profitability.


SQUEAKS 5.0, Enables You To:

Drive More Immediate Action      Better Leverage Information

Extend Access & Visibility     Improve Company Culture

Produce More. Stress Less.

Achieve Greater Success

SQUEAKS 5.0 builds on the well-earned reputation that led earlier generations
SQUEAKS to become regarded as the industry’s must-have platform for establishing, managing,
and sustaining a more efficient production process.


Reduce Response Rates By 40%     Create a Time Savings of up to 85%

Realize an ROI of Less than 6 Months     Empower a More-Engaged Workforce

In Your Quest For Peak Productivity, 

Nothing Works Harder Than SQUEAKS 5.0.


Improves Efficiency. Reduces Downtime. Increases Profitability.

Your company’s production line is its lifeline. Your success – and your survival –
are riding on it. That’s why many of the world’s leaders in manufacturing efficiency, companies
renowned for innovation and excellence, rely on
SQUEAKS to improve, enhance,
and extend their shop-floor alert systems.

Purpose Built Using Proven Principles

Features built into SQUEAKS are designed to drive action, eliminate wasted time,
increase line performance, and boost profitability. With the current tight labor market, the cost
of downtime can be measured, literally, in thousands of dollars per minute. Idle workers, idle facilities,
and idle capacity result in the idle costs that diminish your profit margins. When you add
SQUEAKS to your team, almost instantaneously, your shop floor can become populated
with the most productive workers in the world.

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Get Your SQUEAKS On!

Flexible. Scalable. Adaptable.

Choose The SQUEAKS Subscription Plan Best Suited To You

SQUEAKS Plans are tailored to accommodate any size manufacturing operation regardless
of where you are on your digital transformation journey.. Our Standard Plan helps you make the most
of the information you already have in-place.  Out-of-the-box,
SQUEAKS Standard seamlessly
integrates with your existing data sources such as Excel, Power Point, PDF documents,
video files, and the following, to cite a few:

App Integration

Integration with…

App Real Time Connectivity