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Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft Power BI + SharePoint with SQUEAKS.

Discover how SQUEAKS revolutionizes your Power BI investment by taking productivity, product quality, and safety to new heights.

Gain Total Visibility. SQUEAKS goes beyond Power BI, consolidating all your plant's data into one dynamic platform. Customize and personalize information to your liking, ensuring that what matters most is always front and center. Access your Power BI reports from anywhere, on any device.

Real-Time Data. Say goodbye to outdated information on your Power BI reports. SQUEAKS seamlessly integrates with your machines, plant technologies, and software applications, providing live, up-to-the-moment data for accurate decision-making.

Take Action. When a performance metric in Power BI turns red, SQUEAKS leaps into action. It alerts and engages employees, clarifies ownership, and fosters team collaboration until everything is resolved.

Get in touch with us today for a free demonstration or to learn more about the game-changing power of SQUEAKS.

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