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Start a Conversation from the Board

One of the most common problems in the manufacturing industry for employees is communication breakdowns. Communication breakdowns between management and employees can lead to misunderstandings, lost productivity, and costly mistakes.

Communication can be clarified by the use of a visual management system that allows you to digitize your communication process. SQUEAKS takes your company from paper-based, to the digital 21st century, saving you the time and hassle of multiple communication systems.

Real Time Messages, Anywhere

SQUEAKS allows you to generate messages that can be seen everywhere, in real time, from your phone to your laptop to the production floor TV. With SQUEAKS, messages cannot be ignored.

Escalation & Safety

Escalation rules create a heightened sense of urgency while giving you the confidence that nothing important is going to slip through the cracks. If a concerning event is not

dealt with properly, SQUEAKS elevates the concern up the appropriate chain

of command.

In our Visual Management System, communication is a closed loop so you can rest assured information is kept private. Communicating important news to employees on the line is easy because SQUEAKS is driven by real time communication notifying employees via notifications and alerts.

Team Work/Collaboration

Team work can be done anywhere with SQUEAKS, whether you need to hold a huddle meeting at the line or remotely, or you need a virtual meeting with corporate. Messages can be generated to other teams to bring key resources into the conversation to expedite resolutions.

With SQUEAKS, communication is targeted to only the people that need to know – delivering the information you need to do your job, nothing more – eliminating distractions. SQUEAKS prevents small problems from becoming big problems.

Action can be started immediately as the conversation escalates seamlessly into other apps and integrations.

Just like you can pay attention to certain metrics in conversations, you can join or tune into other teams or data sources. SQUEAKS allows you to customize the information you see while leaving a transparent audit trail. You can also decide whether you want to receive emails and/or push notifications.

Data Integration

SQUEAKS gives you the power to see what’s happening during conversations within the industry by providing access to custom–organized contextual data and key attributes.

Manufacturing Industry Communication Solutions

Problem-solving moves from reactive to proactive with the help of SQUEAKS. Keeping everyone in the loop is imperative to make sure your plant runs as smoothly as possible. SQUEAKS makes communication clearer, more accurate, collaborative, and effective. And with SQUEAKS, machines are part of the conversation.

Our customizable boards can improve conversation within your company and keep everyone on the same page, in the office or on the production floor. Solve problems faster with SQUEAKS. Request a demo today to discover how SQUEAKS can revolutionize your conversation processes.

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