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Organize and Share Training Videos with SQUEAKS

Effortlessly share videos with your team using SQUEAKS for employee training or company-wide announcements. Troubleshoot and problem-solve in real-time as team members upload videos to a library that's easy to organize and customize. SQUEAKS consolidates all of your videos in one place, giving you the ability to organize your videos in a manner that makes it easy for your employees to find them and learn at their own pace.

Uploading videos

To navigate to your SQUEAKS library, go to Resources Library on the navigation panel. Then, select add files.

To add videos to your employee training board, click the Add Source button.

You will then have the option to import new a source or browse existing sources.

You can add your board to a collection, then organize by common interests.

To do this, go to board settings>collections>select collection and save.

To see all of your collections, go to collections view.


When you're ready to share a video, send a SQUEAK that can target a specific team, assign workflow and escalation rules to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and include a snapshot image. Explore pages allow employees to easily find videos, and you can view the history of SQUEAKS with comments and notes on the videos.

To share a video from a board, simply navigate to share - this will send a SQUEAK to team members.

To learn more about, SQUEAKS reach out to our team today for a free demonstration!

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