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Organize All of Your Sources in One Place with the Visual Management Board

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Get organized and stay focused on what matters with SQUEAKS. With this innovative platform, you can easily gather and manage information from multiple sources, including PowerBI, Excel, web pages, PDFs, video files, and streams. Say goodbye to wasting time and money jumping between different tools – SQUEAKS has you covered.

Experience total visibility and organization of real-time information from all your data sources in one place with SQUEAKS. Tailor your personalized dashboard to your specific needs, effortlessly consolidating updates from sources such as Excel, PowerBI, video files, and web pages.

With SQUEAKS' Visual Management, you can easily track and monitor current performance relative to target on digital FMDS touchscreen Boards and low-cost, high-impact TVs. Take action with SQUEAKS' problem-solving capabilities, linking corrective actions and countermeasures to the identified issue. Collaborate and hold yourself accountable until the problem is resolved. With SQUEAKS, streamlined performance management is effortless.

SQUEAKS is optimized for Floor Management Development Systems (FMDS), Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery boards, Kanban boards, and many more management systems.

Maximize your production efficiency, quality improvement, cost reduction, and process control with IGear - the leading software provider for global-manufacturing companies and industrial OEMs. Our user-friendly platforms are designed with you in mind, offering team messaging and visual management to streamline your workflow. Ready to boost your productivity? Contact us today for a free demo.

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