We live in a connected world, where everything from news, to business, finances, health and wellness and our social lives can be accessed and updated in real-time wherever we are. And as technology gets smarter, the information we consume becomes tailored to our specific interests and goals.

Why should the manufacturing floor be any different?

If you're still printing data and charts, laminating it and pinning it to a huddle're wasting time, manpower, and opportunities to be a data-driven organization.

In this episode, we're talking with Don Korfhage, Founder, CEO and President of IGear. His company has developed Squeaks, a software solution that is revolutionizing the way we collect, aggregate, share and respond to manufacturing data in real-time.

Thanks to software like SQUEAKS, manufacturers can develop a truly connected Industry 4.0 workforce. We talk all things Industry 4.0, how to use data to optimize workflows, the value of having a connected workforce, how to individualize manufacturing information, and much more!