Get the Best Worker Productivity Software
for Driving Results

With Better Visual Management

 SQUEAKS, in Louisville, KY, offers a unique Visual Management platform for industrial purposes. Our SQUEAKS Worker Productivity Platform for Industry 4.0 is the most effective and reliable on the market. It helps improve production efficiency, quality, employee safety, reduce costs and give you more control over processes in the workplace. Through better communication, we believe that all businesses can be more successful. In manufacturing, communication is a serious business. Any downtime with your manufacturing software can
cost you thousands of dollars each minute.

After all, time is money. SQUEAKS helps you stay in
control of the data that your plant produces, so that
you can find the data you need and communicate it clearly.
If you are interested in what our software 
can do for you,
call us at SQUEAKS. You can call toll free at
800-556-4098 or 502-423-0999
to learn more.

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