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The need to integrate information throughout the manufacturing enterprise is heightened by the pace of business. In order to maximize control of production operations, information must reliably flow between a variety of business applications and shop floor automation equipment. The real-time synchronization of shop floor data with ERP systems enables better decision making and operational agility.   

With ASSIST™, the automated, bi-directional flow of data enables manufacturers to optimize equipment utilization while at the same time more accurately update WIP inventory with what is physically produced on the shop floor. ERP systems broadcast critical build information to the shop floor in the form of production schedules, part/recipe programs, and work instructions. At the same time, business systems are updated with timely inventory usage, product genealogy, and order status. The benefits are improved inventory control, optimized asset utilization, enhanced lot tracking and scrap reporting, automated data collection and the proper labeling of parts.

The following illustration and list of capabilities highlights some of the key aspects of the ASSIST™ software product.


  • Automated transfer of product configuration and real-time production data

  • Broadcast assembly information from virtually any ERP system including: schedules, part lists,
    bill of materials, recipes, and work instructions


  • Interface to a diverse set of machine controls for detecting part type, production counts, downtime events, and capacity limitations

  • Dynamically adjust schedules based on raw material and equipment availability

  • Immediately notify key personnel and interlock the process in the event of corrupt data (unknown
    part number, production count decrementing or increasing dramatically, etc.)


  • Manage ERP transactions (tighter inventory control, scrap reporting, lot tracking, etc.) without data loss using fault tolerant data transport

  • Provide an administrator interface for configuring the system to include stations, screen layout, ERP transactions, bill of materials, work instructions, printers, users, user certification, security groups,shift schedules, and system parameters

  • Report status of all machine interfaces, transaction queues, and work stations

  • Enhanced decision making as accurate information gets to the right people in a timely manner

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